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Erke Group adopts as its mission to provide added value to the economy of our country with different products and services in the areas where it operates. In 2012, Erke Agro Industries Company and production facilities were commissioned by Erke Group. Besides all parties concerned with the Turkish agriculture, the primary activity of Erke Agro Industries Company along with its farmers and dealers is to provide a permanent efficiency increase on introduction of products. Founder Hüseyin Keçeci: He has been working with top Turkish companies such as Sabanci Group, Is Bank, Koc Holding, Kiraca Holding, Petrol Ofisi, Unit Group and Tosyali Holding at executive level(Chief Financial Officer, Executive Board Member, Partner). He is the owner of Erke Group.

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Established Date: 2012  Tax Office: Yüreğir  Tax Number: 3610291344  Staff Count: 26-50