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Our journey starts with aminoacid and seaweed extract import at year 2004 continues same excitedly. At the same time we are outwearing our oldstyled “Importer Company” and wearing a new suite “Exporter Company” for the last few years. We increase our determination as we get more happy farmer-happy dealer photos from foreign countries like before what we get from our country. Products that we produced with our “innovator” elements which placed in our main structure, making customers smile in Asia, Europe, Africa and nowadays Latin America. What else an engineer who loves his job and his team wants more.
Since we entered the sector as Sector, we have brought respect to nature and people to our name. In the continuity of the world's change, we have adapted to the demands of people for production and consumption. This alignment has enabled us to manage accurate analysis and advanced target perceptions, but has a solid R & D management. As Sector, we have achieved success with our values ​​and knowledge sources in Turkish and World agriculture. In order to sustain natural life and Turkish agriculture and increase productivity, we fulfill our obligations and diligence in every stage of import and export production. For 16 years, adhering to high values ​​and ethical production line, from our employees to our suppliers, we have been on our way to becoming a big family while preserving all dynamics from our solution partners to our end consumers. With our 16 years experience we gain the smart production facility in agriculture in Turkey. We became the new culture of agriculture. - 15.120 tons of solid plant nutrition production per year - Annual 21.120 tons of liquid plant nutrition production -14,000 tons of product imports from 7 countries - Logistic network with daily 400 tons product capacity -Export to Middle East, Turkic Republics & Europe -23 Distributor - 1,500 dealers,
Our Company INNOCAP PLASTIC is the manufacturer and exporter of HDPE Bottles, jerry cans and vented screw caps and providing custom moulding services. We are one of the leading companies providing solutions in the agricultural&chemical sector in Turkey. "We have already experience in export business, particularly in European, Asian, Middle East market
Our company who presents the advantage of affordable prices and wide range of products in international terms to its customers, is established in Antalya /TURKEY for the purpose of production and exports of plant nutrients in general. Our company; Nano Technological Bio-organic Fertilizers (Liquid), Chemical Fertilizers (Powder-Liquid- Crystal), Organic Fertilizers (Powder-Liquid- Crystal), Organomineral Fertilizers (Powder-Liquid- Crystal), Granular Fertilizers, Controlled (Slow) Oscillating Granular Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers (Powder-Crystal), Suspension Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators (Powder-Liquid- Crystal), NaturelNematicide (Patented), Naturel Fungicide (Patented), Special Formulations,
NANOFARM CHEMICAL AND AGRICULTURAL MARKETING INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI company was established in Turkey's most fertile agricultural areas and at the heart of agriculture in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2010. It has a production and storage facility of organic, inorganic and organomineral fertilizers in liquid, powder and gel forms . NANOFARM, taking into account soil quality and climatic conditions, in the field of plant nutrition, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium primary nutrient products; calcium, magnesium secondary nutrient products; manufactures high quality fertilizers that increase product productivity in agriculture, including copper, zinc and trace element blended products and presents them to the conscious agricultural sector. We also define specific products; Our fertilizers are enriched with plant growth regulators, seaweed, amino acids and organic acids. All of our products are produced within the licenses obtained from the T.C. General Directorate of Agricultural Production and Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Our company continues its efforts to reach all over the country as a production and distribution network at home, but has started our foreign sales since the beginning of 2017. NANOFARM, which wants to concentrate on exports by addressing its demands in the foreign market, has started to invest in new machinery.
Erke Group adopts as its mission to provide added value to the economy of our country with different products and services in the areas where it operates. In 2012, Erke Agro Industries Company and production facilities were commissioned by Erke Group. Besides all parties concerned with the Turkish agriculture, the primary activity of Erke Agro Industries Company along with its farmers and dealers is to provide a permanent efficiency increase on introduction of products. Founder Huseyin Kececi: He has been working with top Turkish companies such as Sabanci Group, Is Bank, Koc Holding, Kiraca Holding, Petrol Ofisi, Unit Group and Tosyali Holding at executive level(Chief Financial Officer, Executive Board Member, Partner). He is the owner of Erke Group.
ABOUT US Located in Izmir/TURKEY, Aiming to serve Global agriculture with 15 years of experience, our goal is to supply worldclass, high quality products to our customers. We consider innovation as an integral part of our company, and with help of our elite personel and our most loyal partners both domestic and worldwide, we would like to increase our market share. Worthy of our name, we acknowledge that new generation fertilizers with high tecnology will decrease the cost of our customers because of lower application dosages. We would like to take this opportunity to thank to our partners all around the world who supports us and believe the time for technology in agriculture has arrived.
ADAGA AS was established in 2011. Our company has made important projects in Turkey with studies that it has done by way of “providing the best and most innovative products” and successfully completed TUBITAK’s work in 2013. Date 29.04.2014 numbered 28986 The investment commission has been approved by the evaluation commission of the project “Using Chitin from Shellfishes as an Intermediate to Chitosan Production and Different Sectors” under the scope of the regulation on the technological product investment support program and it was decided to support this program. Kitin-Kitosan, which has not been produced by anyone in Turkey before, has started to be produced by our firm with the support of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology within the scope of SAN-TEZ project.
Founded in 1989, MARA continues its attempts to expand its range of services from its inception. First of all, food and tobacco products, which are the main activity subject, have structured their supply distribution network flawlessly. It has implemented construction and construction projects without compromising its quality – trust oriented approach. Our goal as MARA is to provide opportunities and resources that will contribute to the development of our employees in line with their abilities and skills, to create a working environment that supports excellence, creativity and quality by providing communication with which they can share their ideas. We have made it our principle to offer you the best quality by expanding our business in accordance with the requirements of the fast consumption sector and the era we are in.